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The Room

The Geography Laboratory is designed for teachers, school administrators and parents. It is presented here to foster an optimal learning situation.

by Kieran O'Mahony

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New in Children's

The Great Cannon Beach Mouse Caper

by Peter Waugh

Just in time for the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial! The St. Louis museum is home to a community of educated mice. An exhibit on Lewis and Clark inspires Mavis and Bert to embark on a journey that takes... more about this title.

New in Maps and Globes

Martin Waldseemuller 1507 World Map

Capture the adventurous spirit that is the hallmark of the Age of Discovery! The first to show the American continents in their entirety,this map is further distinguished by the word "America"... more about this map.
Learn about each panel of this famous map!

New in Poetry

Poems From 42nd Street

by Rufus Goodwin

Goodwin's poems are like scraps that preserve the two past millennia and turn away from the canons of academia and avant-garde literary magazines to celebrate the now - a simple bed, a gas station, a... more about this title.

New in Non-Fiction

Geographical Literacy
Everyday Concepts in Geography 2nd Ed.

by Kieran O'Mahony

This book should be in the hands of parents whose children are beginning to enter school, where during the early years of education, they form habits of lifelong learning. Geographical Literacy has a role to play in the continuing renaissance of geographic education. more about this title.

New Release

Spring of Fever

by Kate Birch

They thought it could never happen: the anthrax attacks of 2001, the small pox epidemics of the 1930s, and a return of the Black Death. But when the bubonic plague erupts a week before the vice ... more about this title.

Geography Award Winner!

Terra Incognita
The True Story of How America Got Its Name

by Rodney Broome

Terra Incognita is a fascinating look at seemingly familiar events that determined the course of American History. Was America named, as tradition holds, for Amerigo Vespucci? Or, was America... more about this title.

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